Seven, a free SFW Team Seven fashion zine.


The theme for this zine is fashion and Team Seven. Contributors will be assigned one (1) generation of Team Seven and choose a fashion style to depict them in.

Contributors are NOT required to draw every member of the team.

Team Minato
Minato, Kakashi, Obito, Rin
Team Kakashi
Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura
Team Yamato
Yamato, Naruto, Sai, Sakura
Team Konohamaru
Konohamaru, Boruto, Mitsuki, Sarada


For this zine, check-ins will be optional. Contributors will be expected to pace themselves to reach the deadline.

Why are there check-ins then?
It's a countdown to the final deadline. It also helps those who need more structure and prepares contributors with no zine experience.

No extensions will be granted after the final deadline.

Interest CheckOct 10 - Oct 25
Sign UpsOct 27 - Nov 15
Discord DeadlineNov 19
Check-in 1Dec 05
Check-in 2Dec 31
FinalsJan 25


What is a zine?
If you're new to zines, check out this resource, zine baby, for more information.

How many contributors will you be accepting?
We will be accepting any artist that signs up.

Will you be accepting writers?
No, this fashion zine will not be accepting any writers.

Can I draw characters outside of Team Seven?
No, we will strictly focus on members of Team Seven.

What type of mediums are allowed?
Any type of medium is allowed as long as it is submitted at the correct dimensions — except motion/animation/music. The zine will be distributed as a PDF and does not support motion/animation.

If you wish to animate your piece after the zine is over, that is fine.

Are there content restrictions?
All zine pieces should be SFW (PG-13). This means no nudity or explicit content.
AUs: Alternative Universes are okay.

Do I need a portfolio?
Only if you want to be a cover artist.

Participation Requirements
You must sign up during the sign-up period and join the discord server to participate.

Discord invitations will be sent after the sign-up period is over and everything is set up. If you do not join the server in time, we will assume you are no longer interested in participating.

Sign Up Form
Please read the application thoroughly when filling it out. Thank you.
1. We will be asking for your team preference. Contributors will be assigned one team to focus on based on these responses.
2. We will be collecting spotlight information as well. Spotlights are completely optional.

Portfolio Requirements
Portfolios are only required for Cover Artists. Please provide a portfolio with 5-10 pieces of work. We are looking for an artist whose style is similar or complementary to our zine's aesthetic.

Contributor Expectations
Contributors are expected to: be present in our discord group, create one piece for the zine, comply with the schedule, and keep the work they make for the zine a secret until release.

Zine Art Size: A5 (Vertical)


role: graphics, format, organization
twitter: @cmykae
experience: modded many zines
role: socials, communications
twitter: @soralith2
experience: moded some zines